Frequently Asked Questions


You can get started by emailing us. We will then discuss (by email or phone call) what service fits you and your brand best. Once we’ve established what automation service works best for you, received your password, and received the first month’s payment, you will officially start the service.

Your password will be needed to link the automation to your account. This information will never be shared with 3rd parties and nothing will be altered on your page.

Payments go through Paypal or Venmo.



Our prices are very competitive and we deliver excellent results. It’s very reasonable if you see the advantage of investing in your career to gain more credibility and a competitive advantage as a brand.

Everyone’s goals are different, we just have a great program that helps you grow quickly.

Yes, you can! If you refer a friend to our service and they sign up, you get a $50 discount on your next month.


The Service

Any serious artist or business is applying techniques to grow their Instagram following. It’s a standard practice in today’s age. Some fellow artists may wonder how your page is growing so quickly, if so, feel free to send them to us for a great referral discount.

The range is broad because each brand varies greatly. We promote your page that brings you lots of traffic, however, whether people choose to follow you depends on your personal brand and content.

Yes 100%. Due to our target marketing we expose your page to people that already are interested in someone that’s similar to you and that are engaged Instagram users. There are many people who will like you and your brand, they just don’t know you yet!

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