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Think of Instagram as a store. Your content is the clothing. People will walk up and down the street, perhaps enter the shop because they heard there were cool jackets in there, but word of mouth only goes so far. Imagine if your jacket was on a mannequin in the window. People would see the jacket, and make the choice to stop by. If it’s not in the window, there is not as much motivation. People need to SEE that you exist.

How It Works

Due to oversaturation on Instagram, it takes months [and sometimes years] to build a substantial following of real interested people who engage with your content. Sometimes even with the right content, and continuous efforts, you fail to gain a bigger following due to lack of exposure. Brand Camp helps you with that. We interact with your target audience and get their attention to your account, we reach thousands of people daily through your Instagram account to create exposure which in turn helps your increase your account influence.

We're not selling followers, we're selling visibility!

Establish Target Group

We create a targeting group of similar people on Instagram that already have large followings.

Engage Target Group

To create exposure the automation service engages with your target group on behalf of your Instagram account.

Followers and Engagement

Due to your increased visibility the people who were engaged have found your page and follow you.

We are providing a service where we interact with your target audience through your Instagram account on behalf of you to get their attention to your account. The decision whether to follow your account or not is entirely left to the selected audience. We’re just presenting your account in front of them. Thus the followers you gain are real and active people who have shown voluntary interest in your content/Instagram account. We target the followers of people who are similar to the artist, singer, company, etc who already have a big following. This way we are directly targeting people who are already interested in someone who is similar to them.

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